Crack Repairs

Crack Repairs

Crack Repairs specialists in and around Tameside

Cracks In buildings can develop for a number of different reasons. It is important to diagnose the root cause of the cracking in order to be able to recommend the correct crack repair method.  Most cracks can be diagnosed by the crack pattern and the position of the crack on the wall or building. Tameside Structural Repairs are specialists in crack Repairs using the most up to date repairs solutions on the market.

Subsidence foundation cracks the root cause can be some what confusing

movement of foundations is hard to detect at its early stages because the movement starts below ground level which means you cannot see it happening until the initial shift of the foundation has taken place and then you will start to see the signs of subsidence which are:

  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Cracks in bricks and masonry
  • Walls bulging outward
  • gaps between floors, walls and ceiling
  • Cracks above openings doors and windows
  • Cracked molding or architectural features
  • Sticking of doors and windows
  • Uneven floors

The most Common Causes of Foundations Movement are:

  • Poor construction or structural instability
  • broken or leaking drainage pipes
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Soil movement
  • Tree or vegetation growth

All of the above can cause ground movement and that’s when the problem of subsidence starts. If you see any of the signs appearing on your property then you will need to contact a specialist contractor to design and install a repair method for your crack repairs.

Safeway Construction specialize in investigating, diagnosing, repairing and the monitoring of cracks

Some of the most common causes of cracking on modern and period properties are:

  • Lintel Failure – mostly caused by the removal of windows and doors on period properties
  • Subsidence – this is the most intrusive and needs investigating by means of trial pit holes, soil samples and drain investigation as poorly maintained drains are a common cause for subsidence
  • Thermal Cracking – inadequate provision of movement joints is possibly the most common cause of cracking in cavity wall construction
  • Wall Tie Failure – corroding wall ties or insufficient amount of ties can lead to cracking and in the most severe of cases make the building or wall collapse
  • Lateral Restraint – insufficient connecting of the walls to the floor and roof joists causes cracking and bowing internal and externally, mainly on period properties

Why don’t you give us a call to take care off all your crack repairs for you

Safeway Construction Structural Repairs can offer you an in depth survey to find out the root cause of the crack repairs to your property, then we can provide you with the most economical modern repair methods, with the least disturbance to all involved.

Safeway Construction operatives are highly skilled and trained in dealing with all types of modern day repair systems for crack repairs.

This may mean installing masonry reinforcement (Helical Bars),Micro pilling, underpinning or rebuilding.