Gutter Repairs

Gutter Clearance home or industrial

We offer a complete gutter clearance and maintenance service, whether your requirements are in response to a leak or blockage, or simply preventative, to ensure problems don;t arise in the future.

We  carry out a clearance of all guttering and down pipes to restore clear water flow through your system and alleviate or minimize the risk of the problems caused by blocked gutters.  We will also advise should we think other repairs or re-sealing of joints is required.

​Gutter clearing is undertaken using the most appropriate method for the circumstances.  We may use ladder access and undertake the work by hand or alternatively using the lightweight alloy poles which allows us to reach up and into the gutters and clear all debris out, removing all leaves, weeds, moss.  This system enables us to carry out work on town houses as well as easily reaching gutters above conservatories or extensions. 

All debris is removed from the customer’s premises and disposed of safely

Our service across Tameside includes –

  • Inspection of guttering

  • clearance of all debris and blockages from guttering and down pipes

  • disposal of all debris and waste

  • Report any noticeable re-sealing of guttering joints we spot

£60.00 for up to 21 meters of guttering and £3.00 per meter thereafter on houses not above 2 floors